Nov 17 2007

Online Clients and Case Studies

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Here are some examples of the online interaction consultation services Full Circle Associates has provided:

  • Action Aid International – provided design and consulting services on the deployment of their intranet and coaching on their peer learning work
  • The American Speech-Language Hearing Association – provided strategic consultation on platform migration and large scale association online community
  • Anecdote, Pty – co-authored articles on collaboration with an emphasis on distributed groups and networks.
  • Australian Flexible Learning Network – Gave a series of 32 face to face and online workshops on elearning facilitation
  • Bellanet – launched online wiki based FAQ project for
  • The Benton Foundation – hosted online event about online communities and contributed to their online community toolkit at
  • Boardsource – designed, launched and initially facilitated a global online community of practice development, The Global NGO Forum
  • Canadian Parks Council – provided  online workshop on distributed communities of practice facilitation
  • CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program – designed, hosted and facilitated a global online meetings. Co-designed and delivered online workshops on virtual teaming
  • CGIAR Global Public Goods Project – ICT-KM –  designed and delivered online and face to face workshops on knowledge sharing, collaboration and online facilitation, co-authored curricula, reports and papers
  • CGIAR Alternatives to Slash and Burn Project – designed and facilitated a workshop to collaboratively write a scientific paper
  • CGIAR Non Timber Forest Products Project – consulted on online collaboration practices
  • Harvest Plus/CGIAR Biofortification Project – helped designed online collaboration and knowledge sharing portal
  • Close to Home (domestic violence prevention NPO) –  hosted online events
  • Guest presenter for Etienne Wenger’s/CPSquare Communities of Practice Online Workshop (on-going) Foundations of Communities of Practice and co-designed, co-presented in the Connected futures: New social strategies and tools for communities of practice workshops
  • Diversity Leadership Forum – designed and hosted their online board meeting space
  • Education Development Center – consultation on distributed  peer learning strategy for  health care providers and parents
  • Emergency Capacity Building Project –  consulted on online collaboration practices
  • Enix Consulting Limited, London – created online facilitation resource materials for one of Enix’s clients
  • FACCT (Foundation for Accountability) – deployed two online events and provided online training on online facilitation
  • FAO, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN – provided online facilitation training, development of content for the online IMARK learning modules, trained staff on how to nuture and manage online networks and communities and provided strategic consulting on network start ups
  • Health Forum – provided coaching on distance meetings using teleconferencing
  • HealthTalk – provided strategic planning and launch of online forums
  • Helvetas – provided workshop on online community of practice leadership
  • Hosteling International USA – Consult on distributed  volunteer engagement strategy
  • ICCO Netherlands – Co-designed and facilitated global, multilingual online event
  • iCohere – assisted with community management and development
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development – coaching for network facilitators
  • International Association of Facilitators – provided 2 F2F workshops on online facilitation
  • IBM – provided trainings on online facilitation (F2F)
  • IDG Channel Services Group/Solutions Integrator Magazine – did initial design work for a subscriber online community
  • International Alert – Provided online interaction space hosting
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development – Training and capacity building for knowledge sharing practices, including online and distributed contexts
  • International Labor Organization/CIARIS – Co-designed/facilitated online workshops on  communities of practice and peer learning
  • International Water Management Institute – designed and hosted online conference and ongoing teamspace
  • Joint Action in Community Service – provided strategic consultation on online interaction deployment of a welfare to work project
  • KDA Research – Provided early prototype facilitation of online focus groups
  • Knowledge in the Public Interest – advisor (ongoing) on online strategies
  • LearnTel Australia – online and face to face presentations and workshops on online learning and collaboration
  • Lookstein Center for Jewish Education – provided workshop on distributed facilitation of communities/communities of practice
  • March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation – assisted with health professional distance learning initiative and the development and facilitation of their award winning  Share Your Story online community for parents of babies in the NICU
  • Mercy Corps International – hosted online virtual team work  spaces
  • Orton Family Foundation – provided advice on online community strategy
  • Overseas Development Institute – provided strategic online interaction advice
  • OSS Inc. – developed online interaction resource library for community tool deployment
  • Pipal International – hosted collaborative book writing team site
  • Project Harmony – see case study at Changing Lenses: A Caucasus Journey and extensive work in Armenia with their online interaction and connectivity project
  • Prometheus Group, Istanbul, Turkey – presented F2F seminar on online marketing
  • trAce online writers community – Gave F2F presentation on online facilitation
  • Trusera – provided advice and training on online community design and facilitation
  • VERDICT (a research project of the Veterans Administration) – provided online facilitation training
  • The – co-host of the Virtual Communities Conference (VC)
  • – wrote a series of columns on online community
  • World Health Organization – design and facilitation support for online consultation

Please contact Nancy White at to discuss your community-building needs. Full Circle also provides an extensive resource listing on online community here on our site.

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