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Speakers Bio

Founder of Full Circle Associates, a communications consultancy, Nancy helps non-profits and businesses connect through online and offline strategies. She is recognized for her leadership and expertise in the emerging field of online group facilitation and interaction. She is a skilled online interaction designer, facilitator and coach for distributed communities of practice, online learning, distributed teams and virtual communities. Nancy presents internationally and was an early writer and collector of online facilitation resources. She teaches the original online workshop, Facilitating Online Interaction, since 1999 and hosts the respected “Online Facilitation” email list. She has been blogging since May, 2004. She has added graphic recording and facilitation to her repertoire and loves to draw on walls.

Expertise (see examples at bottom of page)

  • Online and in-person facilitation
  • Online community theory, history, design and implementation
  • Networks
  • Communities of practice,  peer and networked learning
  • Community management
  • Individuals, Groups and Networks – a continuum for learning and work
  • Collaboration
  • Cross boundary interactions
  • NGO/NPO online interaction strategies
  • Blogging, wikis,  micro-blogging and other self publishing strategies
  • E-Learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Triangulating internal learning through external networks
  • Community technology stewardship
  • Graphic facilitation and recording for anyone (hands on)
  • Chocolate

Talks I Can Turn on a Dime

  • Technologies for Communities: A community perspective on online interaction tool selection and application ( off of the work on the Digital Habitats book, published August 2009) Here is a fast 5 minute IGNITE Seattle talk on the topic (2007).
  • The 8 Competencies of Online Interaction – what should employers, social action groups and educators be looking for? (Old example here)
  • Three Views of Blog Based Communities: power, identity and configuration
  • Online Social Architectures: what technology does not tell us
  • Online Community design and facilitation workshops
  • Me, We and Everyone: working across group forms for learning and collaboration
  • Knowledge Sharing 101 – half or full day workshops (face to face or online)
  • Graphic Recording 101 – introductory, hands on half day to full day workshops (face to face)
  • Online Communities 101 and/or Advancing Your Online Community

Contact Information
Seattle, WA USA

Sample Slide Decks


  • Nancy needs to update the rest of 2011,  2012 and into 2013 – ask if you are interested!
  • Northern Voice 2012, Vancouver BC, Canada – Improv!
  • ConVerge 11, Melbourne, Australia, December 2011
  • Various TAFE workshops, Victoria State, Australia, December 2011
  • Sydney TAFE Thought Leaders Series, November 2011.
  • fOSSA, Lyon, France, October 2011
  • Leadership Learning Seminar on Communities, Networks and Engagement, October 2011 (online)
  • Knowledge Share Fair, Rome, Italy, September 2011 – Graphic Facilitation
  • ERealities, online, June 2011 – Dancing into the Future
  • Elearning Africa, Communities for Learning, May 2011
  • Community for the 21st Century, online, April 2011
  • Instructional Technology Council, TTIX – Online Facilitation, 14 Years On, Utah, June 2010
  • IST Africa, Communities for Learning, May 2010
  • Graphic Facilitation, CSIRO, Johannesburg, S. Africa, May 2010
  • Northern Voice 2010, Vancouver, BC Canada – Making Things Visible: more on visual practices in electronic environments
  • Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, April 2010, Seattle, WA – Learning from Adjacent Professions
  • The Community Roundtable, April 2010, The Role of Visuals in Online Community Management
  • Digital Habitats authors talks with Etienne Wenger and John Smith (many!)
  • International Online Conference on Learning, March 2010, Should We Be Using Online Community for Learning (slides and debrief)
  • E-Learning 2010, Fort Worth, TX, February 2010, History and Future of Online Facilitation (slides video and debrief)
  • Advanced Facilitation Methods, FAO/UN, Rome, December 2009
  • Training Outside the Box, LearnTrends 2009, online November 2009 (slides)
  • Me, We and the Network, Learning Technologies 2009, Mooloolaba, Australia, November 2009 (video , slides, and audio )
  • Should We Be Using Communities in Learning? EDayz09, Adelaide, Australia, November 2009  (Audio, and slides)
  • Speaking and workshop tour of Australia, November 2009 (all the little details here.)
  • Me, We and Everyone: Navigating the Spaces Between Individuals, Groups and Networks EdMedia 2009, June, Honolulu, HI (slides)
  • WebJunction Webinar Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities
  • Webheads in Action Online 2009 online convening keynote: ( Slides, Video and Audio here)
  • Networked Learning and the Wider World , video keynote Estonian University of Life Sciences, April 2009
  • Dancing with Ambiguity, co presenter, NorthernVoice February 2009, Vancouver, BC.
  • FAO/CGIAR ShareFair – Blogging, and Low Bandwidth tools (2 seminar sessions), Rome, Italy, January 2009
  • Digital Habitats, online keynote,  LearnTrends, November 2008
  • Stewarding Technology for Communities, Video keynote, OnLearning Technologies Conference, November 2008
  • Guest for Connectivism Course,Nancy White Elluminate recording, Nancy White Recording – 2nd session
  • DEANZ 2008 Stewarding Technology for Learning, Keynote, New Zealand, August 2008
  • ZAAZ and Social Media,Thinking about “Slow Community”, presentation, Seattle, July 2008
  • European Foundation for Quality in Elearning, Quality Everywhere in ELearning, Keynote, June 2008, Lisbon
  • Northern Voice, Drawing On Walls, Vancouver, BC, February 2008
  • GK3, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2007, The Future of KM in International Development (panel)
  • Ignite Seattle 2007 – Technology Stewardship
  • E-Learning Quality: State of the Art and Trends, Keynote, August 2007, Bogota, Colombia (“Tendrils of Learning”)
  • Desire2Learn Community Conference keynote and workshop, Duluth, MN July 2007
  • Euforic Annual Meeting, Brussels, June 2007, “Networks in International Development”
  • Communities of Practice in Higher Education, Porto, Portugal, May 2007
  • Workshop leader for developing networks in international development, February 2007, Atlanta
  • Northern Voice Presenter, February 2007, Vancouver BC “Holding Ambiguity in the Palm of Your Hand.”
  • NYSAIS Keynote and workshop presenter, November 2006, New York
  • Speaking Tour of Australia, October 2006 for the Australian E-Learning Network (12 keynotes and workshops across the country)
  • Blogher, July 2006, Women Get Deeply Geeky and Blog Based Communities
  • eMerge 2006, online, South Africa – 8 Competencies of Online Interaction
  • EMint, London, July 2006, Blog Based Communities
  • BBC staff presentation, July 2006, online interaction competencies
  • Collaborative Technologies Conference, Boston, June 2006 – Effective Virtual Meetings
  • N-TEN, March 2006, panel, blogging for non profits
  • SXSW, March 2006, Us/Them: A blog conversation survival guide
  • Northern Voice, February 2006, The 7 Competencies of Online Interaction (video here)
  • PR Blogging Week, September, 2005 – Share Your Story Case study with Lee LeFever (online)
  • Panel Moderator, Blogher, July 2005, International Women’s Voices
  • Video Presentations to LearnTel, Austrailia, June 2005
  • SXSW, Austin, TX, Democracy and Online Dialog, March 2005
  • Northern Voice Blogging Conference – February 2005 – Blogging for Beginners
  • Presenter, Knowtips Online Conference, February 2005
  • Guest keynote, Online Social Networks February 2005 Online Conference, “Networks as Nests for Communities of Practice”· Guest Presenter, Robert Gordon University (online), January 2005
  • Panelist and Presenter, Royal Roads 2005 Communities of Practice Conference, January 2005, Victoria, BC
  • Guest Presenter, Distributed Learning Coalition (online), January 2005
  • Workshop leader, IICD Facilitation of Online Groups for Development, Accra, Ghana, October 2004
  • Workshop co-leader, Portugal Ministry of Education Communities of Practice workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2004
  • Guest speaker, Ultraversity, UK, (online) June 2004
  • Workshop presenter, eMerge 2004, originating in Cape Town, South Africa (online), July 2004
  • Speaker, Infonortics Virtual Community Conference, Den Hague, June 2004
  • Workshop leader: Train the Trainers for Online Events, Yerevan, Armenia, May 2004
  • Guest Lecturer, Royal Roads University Knowledge Management Program, Victoria, BC, January 2004
  • Workshop leader, Online Facilitation of Distributed CoPs, Helvetas, Zurich, Switzerland, December 2003
  • Keynote, Learning Technologies (online), December, 2003
  • Guest at Robert Gordon University’s online Virtual Learning Space, Enabling Online Discussions, November, 2003
  • LearnTel Australia – Videoconferences, Facilitating Distributed CoPs, (online) August 2003
  • Guest online lecturer, IMD MBA Program, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2003
  • Workshop leader, Building Online Interaction for Community Needs, Yerevan, Armenia, 5 days, May 2003.
  • Panelist: KM for Development, The Hague, Netherlands, November 2002
  • Session Presenter: iCohere’s Collaborative Learning 2002 conference (online)
  • Session Co-Presenter: Communities, Collaboration and Commerce, Net*Working 2002, online, originating from Australia, August 2002
  • Presenter: Facilitating CoPs in E-Government, Danish State Information Services, Dragor, Denmark, July 5-6, 2002
  • Workshop: Facilitation for CoPs in an Online Environment, Roundtable on CoPs, ESCE, Setubal, Portugal, June 27, 2002
  • Panelist: Practitioners and Academics in Community Networks and Virtual Community, CPSR’s DIAC 2002, May 2002
  • Keynote: Facilitating Online Interaction, ICRAF and ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya, May 2002
  • Workshop: Networking (the people kind), IGNITE-US first annual conference for girls interested in technology, Redmond, WA, March 2002
  • Guest faculty, Antioch Seattle, Winter Quarter 2002, “Designing With and In Communities” (Whole Systems Design Program)
  • Keynote: Online Facilitation, University of Cape Town Curriculum Group, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2002
  • Keynote: Supporting Communities of Practice Online, as part of Energizing Knowledge Flows, University or Pretoria, South Africa, March 2002
  • Keynote: Online Facilitation for CoPs, University of Pretoria, March 2002
  • Presenter: WebCrossing Community Return on Investment Online Event, July 2001
  • Presenter: International Association of Facilitators Global Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, May 2001 (online facilitation)
  • Guest Speaker, Etienne Wenger’s Communities of Practice Class, Spring 2001- present (online interaction)
  • Panelist: 2nd Annual Communities of Practice Conference, Boston, MA, May 2001 (facilitation of CoPs online)
  • Presenter: CPSR Minnesota Digital Divide Summit, May 2001 (online interaction for community development)
  • Keynote: Early Childhood Education Summit, May 2001, Bellevue, Washington (non profit marketing)
  • Keynote: Internet Community Development Meeting, Tblisi, Georgia, March 2001 (online facilitation)
  • Guest Speaker: TAG (Technology Alliance Group), February 2001 (online facilitation)
  • Workshop: Foundation for Accountability, February 2001 (online interaction)
  • Workshop: IBM Global Teams Meeting, New York, January 2001 (online facilitation)
  • Panel: trAce Incubation Conference, Nottingham, UK, July 2000 (online facilitation)
  • Keynote: Hunan Medical University, Changsha, China, June 2000 (collaborative team project management)
  • Case Presentation: OTiS International e-Workshop:Developing Online Tutors, May 2000
  • Presenter: IBM Global E-Facilitator’s meeting, New York, January 2000 (online facilitation)
  • Keynote: Prometheus, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2000 (internet marketing)
  • Panel: American Public Health Association, November, 1999 (collaborative team project management)
  • Keynote: Presentation to New York City genetics service providers, October, 1999 (team mgmt)
  • Internet Marketing, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2000
  • Knowledge Ecology University, Guest Presenter for Communities of Practice course, September, 1999
  • Presenter: Midwest Regional Leadership Conference, June, 1999
  • Presenter: Washington State FAS Coordinators, June, 1999

Videos (as long as they are up – they are others’! And more here.)

Find more videos like this on Learning Technologies Conference 2008

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