Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Diagrams of Identity and Culture

I still haven't blogged my notes from the Microsoft Social Computing Symposium (my bad) but I uploaded a hand drawn mind map from our open space session on Culture and Identity to Flikr with the tag "identity. "

Peter at identity4all picked it up -- Diagrams of Identity
"The Technorati Identity tag lead me squarely here at Nancy White's photo blog w/flickr.

Since I tend to think pictorally, just like this (and have a growing collection of mind-maps myself), I thought I'd blog this one up the stack a bit (and a mental bookmark).

What this map really demonstrates is the true relativity of Identity. Given some completely different context, the map shows compliance, strong authentication, and patient privacy.

So Nancy, the next time you make this great diagram centered on Identity, push the edges a bit, and lets see how diverse these perspectives really are! I'd bet some would recoil and others rejoice! I cannot help but wonder if Identity Perspectives will ever allow Identity Commons?"
I can't resist an invitation like that, so I took one little branch off the original picture and did this mind map. I left a comment on Peter's blog and hope he stops by here!


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