Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interactive Johari Window - How do you see me?

Via Denise (and sorry Denise, I'm already married! ;-) but thank you anyway!) comes this fun little tool to see how others reading your blog perceive you. Here is mine --Choconancy's Interactive Johari Window - Mapping Personality Visibility. Click in and tell me what you see...

When I look at our internal competencies to exist in this online world, self awareness is always #1. But we can't really be self aware by ourselves. We need the mirror of others to help us see ourselves in ways we most often can't. So this little game offers a fun way to reflect on the issue.

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Anonymous Denise said...

Oh good, since I don't believe in marriage anyway. How does your husband feel about polyamory? ;-)

12:42 PM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

Checking back. I've concluded I have a huge blind spot about how amazing I am. LOL. Seriously, what I've learned (and I probably should do a fresh post) is that this is a nice little appreciative tool, but it does not reflect the complexity of our identities. It is great on the strokes, but light on insight. However, it suggests that we might play a very interesting game with tagging each other.

11:30 AM  

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