Friday, April 14, 2006

Revolutions, communications values and saving the world

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Blogher Leda Dederich (aka, ScoutSeven) had some great posts that I just got around to reading last night. Leda asks tough questions and reflects thoughtfully, and often poetically,on the intersection of non profits and technology.

In “Revolution is Not an Event, But a Process” Leda observes:
Lots of great people and ideas. But not a lot of talk about what it means to affect social change, and how technology supports (or does not) support this.
What Are Your Communication Values? offers a tiny bit of an answer to the question on revolution at a very practical level looking at how we communicate and with what technologies.
I was very struck by one woman’s use of the term “communicaton values.” Describing how she was raised, she says, “I learned that you have to touch it, feel it, hear it…e-mail is so impersonal.”So what are the “communication values” we’re using in our work? And how does email fit into this values system? If you’re like me, you might find it a little disturbing to fully engage this question. Because, without a doubt, I value other forms of communication more than I value email. But what takes up most of my time…
Finally, in Post NTC Musings Leda thinks about what she needs to keep supporting the revolutions.
I need a space which focuses on social justice values, strategy, and the innovative tools that can help us build a movement for change. I need a space that allows us to work through the hard questions we face in our work, including how our sector deals with very real issues of social stratification, class, race and gender dynamics, etc.
In our quest to change the world, or change the neighborhood, or change ourselves, there is this delicate balance of think and do, of act and reflect. In just three blogposts, a blogger helps us remember that. Sweet!

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