Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Network Weavers and Online Facilitators

June Holley posted 14 Characteristics of Natural Network Weavers on the new blog she, Valdis Krebs and Jack Ricchiuto have started on social networks and related stuff. As I read the list, my head kept saying "this is an online facilitator too!" See what you think...

"Anyone can learn to be a Network Weaver but natural Network Weavers have at least some of the following characteristics. Are you a natural Network Weaver?

1. Opportunity seeking: sees opportunities everywhere
2. Loves to connect people to each other
3. Able to unearth resources of all types and kinds
4. Able to remember many names and resources
5. Able to dialogue easily with people and get them to disclose information
6. Comfortable with uncertainty but persistent in making things happen
7. Able to learn from experience; decides next step after reflecting on previous step
8. Optimistic
9. Able to see when something doesn’t work and moves on
10. Has a big vision but sees the importance of taking small steps
11. Likes to get to know people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds
12. Listens well
13. Asks a lot of questions
14. Sees patterns—notices patterns in the network: where there is energy, where there is isolation, who interacts with whom, etc"
As I compare them with the 8 online interaction competencies there are more connections.


Anonymous SB said...

This is such a description of my skills -- I can't tell you how I wish for the energy to learn (and employ) web skills to use them.

This list really did knock me back.

10:21 AM  

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