Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Northwest Frequent Flyer Gripe

OK, totally off topic.

I was checking my frequent flyer miles on Northwest Airlines and thought, hm, the total qualifying miles seems low, considering I flew from Seattle to NY, to Austin back to Seattle. Only 3,346 miles. That didn't seem right. So I went to the Flying Distance Calculator. Hm, quite a discrepancy. Considering the lower nautical mile figures, NW is crediting me about

NW Says LGA to IAH - 709 miles
Flying Distance Calculator says - 1229

Sea to Newark NW says 1201
Calculator says 2080

Houston to Seattle NW says 937
Calculator says 1626

Now if Northwest raises prices because fuel is going up, yet they are actually flying LESS miles due to some crazy math, something is wrong here. I'm losing 2088 miles (and, with my elite status, another 50% on top of that.)

I can understand bankruptcy. I can understand hard times. I can't understand blatant deception. I think I'm going to go back and look at old statements to see if I can verify that Northwest is shrinking the world in a way that only benefits them and is counter to their claimes.


Blogger Lilia Efimova said...

Nancy, could be legitimate reduce for the cheaper tickets. KLM resently changed to that: e.g. most of my latest flights to Russia were credited with 25% miles just because I had cheapest tickets. No gold wings anymore :(

4:06 AM  
Anonymous amybyrd said...

is anyone else finding that their online purchases (which are supposed to earn miles) are not showing up in mileage summaries? A November 16, 2006 online purchase has not been credited, not to mention everything purchased since.

Also, NWA ran a sweepstakes last month, where one could presumably play daily. However, most days, the hyperlink would take you to a blank screen. If you tried again, you received a message stating that you had already played!

7:53 PM  

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