Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time to Experiment, Crack Dealers and Networks

Beth picked up on some of the text images I posted on flickr as part of some work we did yesterday at the New York State Association of Independent Schools Tech Ed 2006 conference. This image above tweaked a great post and a quote I HAD to blog:Beth's Blog: Finding the time to experiment ...
"So, momentarily, I feel like a crack dealer to nonprofits ... that they are doing something wrong experimenting. But how else will it get embedded into nonprofit practice unless someone takes a few minutes to hit the pause button, set up a tiny experiment, and see what happens?"
In response to Beth, our tool crack dealer who we know, love, AND cherish for her generous sharing of her experiments with technology, I wrote:
"Beth, our tool crack dealer. I'm going to have to blog that quote, Beth! Fair warning.

I think we DON'T all have time to experiment and it is at times an addictive behavior. For me, the only solution is to have a network and we spread the experimentation out amongst us. I am reading your stuff on 2nd Life, for example, not yet jumping in myself.

If we can't do this as a network, we'll NEVER get past early adopters, IMHO."
This follows on from the Second Wave Adoption kick I'm on and the work of Ben at ODI on the Six Functions of a Network..

Second wave adoption can be supported by taking a network perspective and practice. Not everyone has to do/master/use everything.

The next question is, how does the network keep enough coherence across a diverse set of adoption (or rejection) patterns?

By the way, thanks to all who have been adding to the 2ndWave tag. Some good stuff there!



Anonymous Beth said...

Are you jetlagged?

I wonder how the network can share knowlege if it uses these web2.0 tools - that are so poreous. tagging, blogs, etc.
Is that what you're getting with your question.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Sandra Dickinson said...

I posted on Beth's Blog this morning too. WOW - I woke up this morning thinking along the very same lines.
I envision a MAP - a graphic representation of like-minded folks engaged in the conversation about nonprofit social enterprise, web2.0 tools, and learning games.
A nonlinear, transparent, coherent map of our emerging network.
Such a map would be useful to US - to uplift and extend our conversation.
Such a map would be useful to our USERS - to easily follow and benefit from our networked work.
And then I thought - is there such a thing as a (free) whiteboard widget? We could make such a map together!

7:53 AM  

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