Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Live Chat at Presentations Actually Looks Like

Friday Dave Cormier and I did a remix of my (now boringly familiar to you, dear blog reader) "8 Competencies" theme. Dave brought in two key pieces: the K-12 education context and his idea of Rhizomatics in learning.

Now what was cool was we were the last set of speakers, and the group had a few days to get used to a projected chat "back channel." We strongly encouraged those who WISHED to, to participate. Because it was projected behind us, I'm not sure WE used it productively. But reading the transcript, it looks like some people did. And as expected, some found it distracting and potentially rude to the speakers. I can say, I did not find it rude. :-) But I understand that frustration. That was why we intentionally invited everyone to close their laptops when we did our second session, which was a World Cafe style conversation on taking the learnings from the conference back to the classroom.

You can see the slides, the chat transcript and the podcast here --> The Eight Competencies of Online Interaction: What Should We Be Learning and Doing?. [EDIT: The audio on that site is down - alternate here at EdTechTalk.]

You can find the whole event evaluation here, including comments and ratings on our sections (the last two - 8 Competencies and Percolatage, which was the World Cafe session.)

This is pretty darn tranparent. Without even being there, you can see front channel, back channel and evaluation. Feedback was present in conversation, chat, blog posts, tags, external blog post RSS feeds, flickr feeds and the formal evaluation form.

I used to think of most of these tools in terms of conference capture. All of a sudden I'm also seeing them in terms of conference evaluation. I'm not sure what the metrics are, but qualitatively, it offers an interesting slice of insight. But not all voices are represented, so we have a ways to go to get the full picture.


Blogger alexragone said...


Thanks for your participation and the kudos on the conference website...

I have a question about the following statement:

But not all voices are represented, so we have a ways to go to get the full picture.

My question, is that in real life, are all voices every represented? I'm thinking of a face to face conference where folks just sit in sessions and have small group conversations after words. The only picture you had was a that small group.

I know that everyone didn't blog about the conference, or post comments on the site. What percentage of participation would you think would be 'representative'. I guess it's a second wave question. Next year, how do we get more second wavers to use the site? To blog on it, to comment on posts, etc. Get the conversation going that way.

This group has a few active Listserv's. I hope that one day, we will have an active blogging site, where folks follow along with the conversation, but there is something about e-mail.

Again, thanks for your participation. It was awesome. I look forward to your insights, feedback, and the network's feedback.


- Alex

6:56 AM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

Alex, I just realized I had never responded to your question. Probably because I don't have an answer. This idea of participation and 2nd wave adoption is on my radar for more thought, research and experimentation in 2007.

12:42 PM  

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