Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Analogies for Knowledge Management

On Chris Collison's learning-to-fly Yahoogroup there was a query about "Analogies for the potential of knowledge management." Chris himself posted a great reply:
I think it's like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces turned face down.

Even if you have the picture on the lid of the box ("strategic vision"), there can still be a lot of failure, force-fitting and repetition, because the prevailing culture, processes, technologies, leadership behaviours make it easier for people to remain "face down" and not fit together.

Perhaps some of the pieces are missing too, and we need to look elsewhere to fill the gaps or 'think out of the box' ;O)"
Seems like an analogy for life too! :-)

Thanks to Lucie for flagging this post via KM4Dev!


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