Friday, December 22, 2006

December 22nd gives me joy

Living in Seattle, Washington, USA has many benefits. It is a beautiful place. It can also be a dark place. Far north, cloudy and wet. So when December 22nd arrives, the day after the winter solstice, I always take a bit of joy, even when writing in the dark of the predawn, lit only by my monitor and desk lamp. This morning, reading a few blogs before I settle into work, I came across Tree Fitzpatrick's post with a strong image of "leaning into the light." It is worth sharing with my fellow lovers of light:The Culture of Love: holding steady
"I am leaning into the day after tomorrow and the days to follow. The first full day of winter brings us one day closer to the light of spring. I am leaning into the coming light just the way plants will strain towards scarce sunlight in a shade garden."
For my colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere, as you begin your lean away from the light, tuck this one away for June!

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