Monday, December 04, 2006

Juicy Studio: Great Web Accessibility Testing Tool

I've tried to become more attentive to web accessibility issues over the years. My main website is not too bad, but today I was pointed to another tool to test colors, Juicy Studio: Colour Contrast Analyser Firefox Extension and my blog fails miserably. Time to change.

Here is a bit about Juicy Color Contrast Analyser. It is super easy to use if you use Firefox as your browser.

Determining the colour contrast between foreground and background colours is a time consuming task, but is greatly aided by colour contrast analysers. The problem with colour contrast analysers is that they don't automatically go through all of the possible colour combinations in a document; instead, it requires a judgement call by the person evaluating the page to decide whether colour combinations look like they may be problematic, and then to enter those colours into a colour contrast analyser.

I've written a Firefox extension that reveals the colour contrast of all elements in the DOM. If you evaluate websites for colour contrast, this extension will be useful for saving you time, and also take out the guesswork required to determine which colours to test."
Loadaveragezero is another fantastic resource on web accessibility. Watchfire's WebXACT (used to be Bobby) lets you test single pages. Not as wonderful as the old free Bobby full site test, but still useful. It also looks at privacy issues as well.

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