Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tagged with the "5 Things" Meme

Dan Oestreich threw down the gauntlet last week, after being tagged by Rosa ( take a look at who tagged her and who she tagged. The path is interesting). I've been mulling on my reply to "Five Things You Might Not Know About Me."

First, read Dan's. As always, poetic and thoughtful. This is an interesting form of disclosure for bloggers, who already seem to be comfortable disclosing things. We blog, right? I tend not to blog about family and personal very much, so I'll focus there just for a change.

I'm challenged to be poetic. But I'll try for thoughtful.

1. I used to play in a Bluegrass band in North Caroline (for my international readers, NC is in the SE US.) I played guitar and sang. I love singing harmonies, but now I'm out of practice. I also used to be very involved in musical theater. Uncured ham?

2. I majored in Botany, with a specialization in Marine Botany. Yes, I thought I was going to become a phycologist.

3. Although I'm good at being an extrovert, there is a strong introvert side of me. I like my alone time, thus working at home is a natural for me.

4. I played with trolls and matchbook cars in mud piles as a child in California. Dan's post about mud just brought back those memories, digging in the side yard where there was no garden, making ponds, roads and mud houses for our troll dolls, spending hours creating a little troll community in the land of mud.

5. Why not something physical and concrete while I'm at it. I'm tall. Like 5 foot 10. Online, we often don't have a sense of each other's physical presence. Oh, and the older I get, the wider I seem to get as well!

So who shall I tag? I shall spare my regular victims, eh? I think I might try and get Dave Cormier to post on his blog. It's been a while. What about it, Dave? Willing to play? Lee LeFever is fresh home from a year's trip around the world with his partner Satchi. I bet that gives him a new perspective. Game, Lee? And WELCOME HOME! Elana Centor will give us 5 things wrapped in a great sense of humor, right Elana? Close to home and recently back to blogging, Julie Leung, will you bite? And for the wildest "not sure if he will see this" Cyril, would you post a blog about 5 things we don't know about you?

Flickr Word art here.


Blogger Dan said...

Fabulous, Nancy. The post is you: beautiful and dear.


5:37 PM  
Blogger Rosa Say said...

Aloha Nancy, thank you for playing with us! I concur with Dan, that you have added beauty, artistry and thoughtfulness to the game. Mahalo nui for your wonderful sharing.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Bev Trayner said...

I just knew we had something in common!

"making ponds, roads and mud houses for our troll dolls, spending hours creating a little troll community in the land of mud."

I did that too!!

12:32 AM  
Blogger Elana said...

I'm in the sandbox. Now, since this is the first time I have played, do I let the people I tagged know they are tagged?

4:24 AM  

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