Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thinking About 2007 Resolutions - Important Days

For years I have been terrible about birthdays, anniversaries and important days. I have neglected sending holiday cards for years. In 2007, I want to be more aware and to do something for people on their important days. To help me I have created a Birthday Calendar on Google Calendar.

If you are a friend or colleague of mine, I'd love to add your important days to my calendar. Leave me a comment and I'll add you! I'd love to know your email too, so you might want to send that to me at nancyw at fullcirc dot com so I can send you a greeting.


Blogger Elana said...

What a lovely resolution. The thing about 'sharing' important days is that there is that 'sharing' part. While I love to have people remember my birthday --my only actual requirement for the day is cake and ice cream-- I also love reciprocating. So check your email box--- and a very Happy New Year.

2:21 AM  

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