Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wiki Research

In the New Communications Review they are thinking about wikis:
We at the Society for New Communications Research are about to embark on a study of wiki use. Our goal in our project is to study how knowledge workers in creative roles (advertising, marketing, public relations, design, etc.) are actually using wikis in the context of their everyday work. This should enable us to make some judgments about what features are helpful and what features are not. At that point, we can start making recommendations about best practices for wiki design.
I'll be interested to keep tabs. I'm also collecting cases, stories and practices, mostly in the non profit and NGO. I'll have to carry some of these over to the NCR wiki!

See also Tech Soup's Non Profit Wiki and Andy Robert's Wiki Facilitation Page.


Blogger Andy said...

Do you have access to the NCR wiki? I get "you are not authorised to view this space".

2:59 AM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

well DARN, I don't either. That makes it hard to contribute, eh?

7:27 AM  

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