Monday, February 26, 2007

Tagged again - Media Consumption

Meme's Kleen Kitchen
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Tara tagged me for a new one on media consumption. This meme was started by Jeremiah Owyang, calling it "media consumption diet."

I use the web so much, I think I could have an enormous list. I'll just include the obvious to save you from total boredom.
  • I use Firefox for a browser, with IE on hand for sites that force me in that direction (currently my new VOIP web interface for one - I don't like that.)
  • Email is the good ole' Eudora (soon going Open Source!)
  • Bookmarks -, occasionally Furl and I actually use my browser book marks for a few key sites.
  • RSS reader - Bloglines. I have played with Google's RSS reader, but jeeze, how many Google apps is it healthy to use? (I use Gmail for back up, Google docs and spreadsheets, Google Groups, etc. etc.
  • Wikis? Mostly Wikispaces, but also PBWiki and MediaWiki.
  • Collaboration tools? Basecamp, WebCrossing, and little bits of paper (still)
  • Twitter as of today (I think this is a mistake, but it has already proven useful)
  • For IM, Skype, and Trillian for combining all the other standards
  • Countless other web based sites and tools. I'm hopeless.

Local classical and NPR stations and random stuff on the web. I don't listen to a lot of radio.

Don't ask. Too much. I feel guilty.

Netflix about 2 per week, movies at theaters during holiday periods.

I now have VOIP telephone (via Speakeasy), do a ton of Skype as my collaborators and clients are all around the world. Far more voice than I can ever remember and at a point I find it more tiring than text. I have a mobile phone I only use on the road and so my kids can reach me. I have a second sense for communicating with my mom. I know when she is about to call.

One word, addicted. Second word, stacks. Third thought -- never get through them all. But bookstores and Amazon love me. 'Nuff said. I started putting books into Library Thing but did not get very far. I'm clearly distracted by all this "social" media. Harrumph!

Not many. I have a National Geographic subscription from when I graduated high school (started by my great uncle Andrew). I pick up food mags at the grocery store and pick up anything left behind on airplanes to pass the time while traveling.

Local paper, The Seattle Times. Gotta get that local news.

World, classical, folk, and whatever passes by me. I don't spend as much time listening as I used to. I've grown fond of quiet.

Now, if my friends don't shoot me, I'll tag Beth, Jim (who I know has a very interesting media diet), Tina (new friend), Jon and... YOU! (comment and I'll tag you. Lets get random!)


Anonymous Beth said...

What if the people who tagged in the post comment and you can untag them! :-)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Nancy White said...

You mean by commenting you free yourself of the tag?

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Emma said...

have you tried the IE Tab for Firefox? That allows you to view particular pages with the IE Engine. Saves the bother of switching browsers, and you can give it a list of the sites you know you're going to want to use it with, as well as adding others as you find them.

I've also started using Flock more and more, though as it's based on Firefox 1.5 at the moment, I can't get Zotero to work with it (very useful extension). I also can't use it when I'm using a PC that I can't install stuff to.

I've also

3:55 AM  
Blogger miss rogue said...

LOL...sorry Nancy...couldn't resist. ;) I had to ask the smart women I know.

I forgot about books! I, too, have an addiction. I'll often be reading 10 books at a time and forget which one had which quote in them. I have a terrible attention span, but i love information!

Thanks for playing along. :)

4:32 PM  
Blogger CW said...

Nice meme, and thanks for stopping by at my blog Nancy :)

4:50 PM  

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