Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Darlene, Cory and Fortuitous Troll Whisperers

Popping my head up to say I'm still working like a maniac. Two links:

Here is a good post from Darlene Fichter, pointing to an equally enjoyable Cory Doctorow article recapping some ideas on working with people who create havoc in online communities. The Art of Being a Troll Whisperer:
We've all heard or read about the wonders of horse whisperers or dog whisperers -- now we have troll whisperers. People who can manage the most difficult people online and keep the conversation engaging, entertaining but civil"
Lee LeFever points out a new online community related blog, with a nice post with some online community advice.

Now, back to work!


Blogger Tish Grier said...

Hi Nancy...

loved that "troll whisperer" article!

but we should always remember rule #1: Don't feed the trolls!

hope to catch up with you soon :-)

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Good lead - ta!

I'm not sure it's quite trolling, but I have found that the hardest trolls are generally astonishingly intelligent and therefore provide a really difficult but interesting challenge to handle as a community facilitator.

Your common garden variety troll I no longer discuss stuff with having (basically) wasted days negotiating in the hope that they convert to being civil - so now it's one brisk warning and out.

The more difficult issues are the clever ones with valid points to make, but they end up as trolls because they continue to beat the same drum, spamming all the lists they are on and interferring with teh message by the means. Thus they end up being trolls and then the hardest to handle - and it's where you usually end up being quoted stuff from the geneva convention, declaration of human rights etc.

these ones make me sad because they have so much to offer, but blow their (and everyone else's) chance to engage usefully by behaving ridiculously.

Some years ago on KnowledgeBoard I proposed a system whereby this kind of behaviour can be mapped (e.g. find those people who receive zero responses again and again) - and then presented transparently to the community as a tool for the individuals to understand (in teh trolling case) that it is nothing personal, you are just being wound up... maybe one day ... along with the other dashboard ideas!

4:09 AM  

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