Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Slideshare sets worth Sharing

Alex Haye's set on M-Learning link was sprinkled on Twitter, first when Alex was asking for input, and second once the slide set was posted. Before I heap more praise on it, Alex, congrats on the birth of your son! YAY! Now, back to slidestuff...Stephen Downes shared the link yesterday and I want to echo his comments:
Alexander Hayes at his best, linking the technology with the people with the vision. "Despite the organizational reluctance to engage... our esteemed colleagues charge on... extraordinary people with great courage and foresight who link research with practice." A lyrical presentation that at one highlights numerous projects and people working on mobile learning and which may also contain the longest single sentence in the history of presentations. And it strikes me again how disappointing it is that we has some of the most expensive mobile phone rates in the world here in Canada, a short-sighted policy that has slowed adoption and stifled research. Praise for this slide show from and Leigh Blackall.
Just a note... already 867 views! What I like about it? Alex managed to share the stories of many people as the centerpiece of sharing his own learning.

Next up is Graham Wegner's set on "blogging as professional learning." This was a nice bit of inspiration for me as I prepared for a short session yesterday on "learning over each other's shoulders" (more on this later) and I even added some of his good stuff to my set! Thanks, Graham. What I like about it? It is a nice, clear sharing of how blogging can be a professional development activity with enough tips to make the suggestion doable!


Blogger Derek said...

Nancy, this is a cool presentation of Graham's. It's 'nice and clear' in more than one sense: great visuals and typestyles.

I sometimes wonder how much you can do in one session with teachers help open up things from a zero start. I think this slideshow has a great lead-in: delicate, gentle and stimulating.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Michael Clarke said...

Alex's presentation is inspiring and leaves me feeling frustrated all over again about the extent to which this is neglected in UK HE - I was on a panel last week at a presentation about connecting with digital 'millenials' for HE careers advisers which talked about social media and Second Life for 2.5 hours and only touched on mobile when I asked why no-one was talking about it. Same thing happened at a seminar about University 2.0 earlier in the summer. SL is fun and glamorous but every student has a mobile phone in continuous use.

Of course, that begs the question, "What am I going to do about it?"

12:30 AM  

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