Friday, November 23, 2007

Community Indicator: Condolences

Susanne Nyrop points to a community indicator, a blog that allows a distributed community of practice to share their condolences with a member whose father died.

A community blogging for memorial:
"Dafne is one of the most renowned webheads leaders and course innovators, and always ready to share and help others with her insight and knowledge. From the mail list which I'm not regularly following these days, I just found out that Dafne's old and fragile father passed away some weeks ago.

Spontaneously, one of the community members, Dennis, had started a blog for her to send our personal comments for condolency. My comment was no. 47 - so this blog has reached out to many people's hearts. And hopefully comforting Daf and her family. Such gestures seem to happen naturally in the online CoP."


Blogger chrystie said...

same thing happened to me:

11:01 PM  

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