Friday, November 23, 2007

The Future of KM?

In December I'm going to GK3, the Global Knowledge conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'll be involved in three things and I'd like to ask your help with at least one of them.

On Tuesday I'll be on a panel The Future of Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 - Visions and Challenges. Here is the session description:
The importance of knowledge in transitioning to a knowledge society and knowledge economy continues to increase. With Web 2.0 getting great current attention and emerging discussions on enterprise 2.0, KM 2.0 (Knowledge Management 2.0) etc., promises are aplenty for knowledge to be spread instantly, interactively and across hierarchies. The proliferation of tools, instruments and channels for knowledge sharing present the possibility of tapping into collective intelligence, the 'wisdom of the crowd'. Do technological progress and economic importance of knowledge sharing also positively impact on the human and cultural obstacles to knowledge sharing? Wise use of Web 2.0 can produce great economic and social benefits, but it could also hamper development because of high transaction costs involved and a lack of constructive focus in its application. This session will explore trends and visions about the knowledge management of the future in the context of emerging technologies as well as the related the social and economic dynamics.

This session will address the following key questions:

  • What major trends and changes in knowledge management do we expect in the next ten years? What are the major visions about Knowledge Management (KM) of the future?
  • There is increasing consensus on success factors and obstacles to effective KM. At the same time, newer technologies and innovations are increasing our ability to connect and interact across boundaries. What do you see remaining the same and what changing in KM ?state-of-the-art? in this context?
  • How does the interplay between technology and markets impact the environment for KM-related practices?
  • What are the future key opportunities and obstacles for knowledge management in fighting poverty and empowering people?
  • VenĂ¢ncio Massingue (tbc), Minister of Science and Technology, Mozambique
  • Nancy White, Online interaction person, Full Circle Associates, Seattle and KM4Dev Technology Steward
  • Allen Gunn, Executive Director, Aspiration
  • John Dada (tbc), Program Director, Fantsuam Foundation
How would you answer any of those questions? I don't see myself as a "KM" person, so I expect to diverge a bit from a direct KM answer. But I'd love to know what you see in the future?

The other two things I'll be doing in KL (pending confirmation) will be running a short workshop on graphic facilitation, graphically recording some sessions and meeting with my KM4Dev community. Hopefully I'll also be nipping out for some good local food. Any recommendations?


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