Thursday, November 01, 2007

NSW Learnscope Event in 2nd Life

NSW Learnscope Event in 2nd Life
Originally uploaded by Choconancy1.
Barbara "Bee" Dieu invited a bunch of us to be part of her closing keynote of the New South Wales Learnscope 07 event. Bee was in Sao Paulo, there were a bunch of people F2F in Sydney, Australia and the rest of us in world from all over the world.

I'm such a noob in 2nd life - so I'm sure I provided a laugh. I did figure out how to make a new jacket for the event and shrink. Somehow I initially made my avatar very tall!


Blogger Dave Pollard said...

You were amazing Nancy. Your points about conversation as a radical act, and love as the source of innovation, were the highlight of the event. Hope I'll have the privilege of working with you in RL someday.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous SingingHeart said...

Highlighting Dave's words. You were great!! Love in conversation as a radical act. This is what it is all about, in RL, SL or whichever dimension we are interacting in.

I loved your very creative jacket. For a 'nooby' you rock girl! I sure hope to see more of you in SL.

4:14 PM  

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