Sunday, November 18, 2007

Still Time for Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovation

Tony Karrer sent me this link weeks ago and look at me -- blogging it half way through this free online event. Main Page -
"Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations is:
* An exciting opportunity for corporate leaders, directors, CLOs, trainers, and consultants to discuss the directions and innovations in corporate learning. * A free online conference, running from November 15-20, 2007. World renowned speakers will present live (all sessions will be recorded). Of greatest value, we feel, will be the opportunity for attendees to engage in dialog with each other through online forums - forming connections and exchanging ideas and visions on corporate learning.
* A different kind of conference experience with many opportunities for active participation for attendees who wish. All sessions will be recorded and available within a few minutes after the session for people who cannot attend at that time. "


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